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Revision has started for mock exams!

Hello from the SEEDS centre!

Another positive week here at the Telford Centre. In Literacy this week the learners have been focusing on understanding different types of texts. The start of the week involved practical and written exercises covering the four main purposes of text descriptive, instructive, informative and persuasive and determining which ought to be used when. We also focused on Comprehension activities, which we will continue next week.
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Lift project & health and safety course!

Another busy week this week on our Lift Project and our Health and Safety Course!

With a couple of students well and truly in the depths of their health and safety workbook we have taken the time this week to watch the BBC documentary on ‘The Children Who Built Victorian Britain.’ Not only is this documentary a great insight into the past but it’s also a great example of why health and safety exists and how it protects both adults and children alike.

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