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Telford centre making progress!

Great week last week at the Telford Centre with a lot of new material covered in numeracy and literacy. Learners enjoy planning, preparing and cooking spaghetti bolognaise and Chilli con-carne! This week a lot of work was covered, and everyone was enthusiastic, motivated and well behaved. This result led to learners watching Thor in the […]

Great week for our Telford Centre !

Fantastic week here at the Telford centre. A lot of work was covered, and everyone was enthusiastic and ambitious. The last few initial assessment trickled in at the beginning of the week, and then the real work began.

The EDS ice skating treat

A good week results in ice skating treat! Another week draws to an end here at the Shrewsbury Satellite Centre. This week the learners have been working extremely hard to meet their behaviour target score, which was set at 125! Through a lot of dedication they have managed a huge 145 points! Earning them a […]

EDS – Battle of the pool tournament!

Let the battle begin! Telford vs Shrewsbury! Today the Telford centre was the site of the pool tournament between Shrewsbury and Telford learners and staff. Cross-county cooperation was booming, and the competition got underway at just after 10 o’clock. It was a hard fought, with all who took part thoroughly enjoying the friendly competitive attitude. […]

Fab week for both centres!

Telford centre – Superb week here at the Telford centre; a lot of material covered and attentiveness at an all time high. The beginning of the week was focused on completion of initial assessments still outstanding, but percentages and fractions were also covered. Literacy was also covered extensively this week, as they tried their hand […]