EDS – Battle of the pool tournament!

Let the battle begin! Telford vs Shrewsbury!

Today the Telford centre was the site of the pool tournament between Shrewsbury and Telford learners and staff. Cross-county cooperation was booming, and the competition got underway at just after 10 o’clock.
It was a hard fought, with all who took part thoroughly enjoying the friendly competitive attitude. It was however won eventually by the Shrewsbury team, with no love lost on either side.

07a60911-1a83-44cd-8697-a3e073c77882As you can see, prizes were given for both the winner and runner-up, as well as for great effort and incomprehensibly sneaky trick-shots. The winner won a portable speaker which all learners desperately wanted!
Due to all learners having a fantastic week, the pool tournament was a well deserved treat as the EDS team are all very proud of their hard work and good behavior .
We would like to say a huge well done to all learners who took part today, great effort from all and congratulations to the Shrewsbury students on their tremendous victory!

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