Lift project & health and safety course!

Another busy week this week on our Lift Project and our Health and Safety Course!

With a couple of students well and truly in the depths of their health and safety workbook we have taken the time this week to watch the BBC documentary on ‘The Children Who Built Victorian Britain.’ Not only is this documentary a great insight into the past but it’s also a great example of why health and safety exists and how it protects both adults and children alike.

It’s also a great reminder to our students that children in the Victorian era would have much rather been in full time education than working 14 hour shifts in the mines, mills and in the chimneys! I’m pleased to say our learners agreed they’d much rather be in school! (We will hold them too that!)

As for work placements, we have had some phenomenal feedback that has made us tremendously proud of one of our year 11 learners. With a restaurant owner informing us they are so impressed with his work ethic they would offer him a full time job straight away!

The next couple of weeks see some of our other students embarking on new work placements including mechanics and the farming industry and we wish them the best of luck and look forward to even more positive feedback from employers.
So if you think you have a learner that could benefit from some real experience in the working world including gaining a Level 1 Health and Safety Qualification drop us an email on or give us a call on 01952 630710 and ask for Verity.

Have a great week!

Verity – Lift Project Tutor

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