Satellite Centre Update

Another busy week here at the Satellite Centre for all learners, especially the Year 11 learners who have all been sitting their Edexcel Level 1 Numeracy and Literacy exams. There are high hopes for the Year 11’s exams as some have already received their certificates! Revision has been at the top of the ‘to do’ list in preparation for the up coming exams, this has also been beneficial for other learners in the centre. The focus of last week was ‘writing a formal letter’, something that has been covered previously but learners found it good practice for the future.

Learners also had the privilege of taking part in a drugs awareness talk with substance misuse worker from Telford and Wreakin Council. The workshop was a chilling reminder of how quickly things can escalate. The learners found that the workshop was interesting and could relate more as the story was a true story and life account of how dangerous drug abuse is. Before this workshop learners completed a Drug awareness lesson here at the centre to give them a better understanding of drugs. Some fantastic work was achieved in this lesson, which has made its way onto the ‘wall of fame’ here at the centre.

Learners were also very lucky to have a guided visit to the Dana prison in Shrewsbury. The experience was fantastic for the learners and served as a visual reminder of another danger of drug abuse. All of the learners engaged really well with the tour, asking many questions and enjoying the spooky element of the haunted prison!

Our focus on drug abuse quickly merged with alcohol abuse, leading to some very interesting discussions and great work being produced. Learners have now got a better understanding of units, volume and how alcohol abuse impacts family, friends and society.

That’s all for now!

Steven Ellis
Satellite Tutor

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