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Telford centre making progress!

Great week last week at the Telford Centre with a lot of new material covered in numeracy and literacy. Learners enjoy planning, preparing and cooking spaghetti bolognaise and Chilli con-carne! This week a lot of work was covered, and everyone was enthusiastic, motivated and well behaved. This result led to learners watching Thor in the afternoon which they really enjoyed; followed by a movie review in their English work for next week. let’s hope this continues for the weeks ahead!!
In literacy attention was turned to planning work, learners particularly enjoyed a practical exercise using different tools and research methods to plan an event and a description of a location. We also focused on planning an advert for a product of their choice, learners enjoyed this exercise and came up with some amazing ideas.

In numeracy, the focus was shifted onto understanding whole numbers, adding and subtracting using efficient written and mental methods which the learners found the practice activity useful recalling multiplication from the white board- time’s table grid.

A Fantastic week for the learners here in Telford, and may it continue next week.

Sophie Szklarzewicz – centre tutor

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