The EDS ice skating treat

A good week results in ice skating treat!

Another week draws to an end here at the Shrewsbury Satellite Centre. This week the learners have been working extremely hard to meet their behaviour target score, which was set at 125! Through a lot of dedication they have managed a huge 145 points! Earning them a trip to the Telford ice rink!

This week in numeracy we have moved onto the dreaded fractions! More specifically understanding and using equivalences between common fractions, decimals and percentages. As you can imagine the reception of this wasn’t amazing, until the word pizza was mentioned! This is where learners could relate to common fractions! (1/2 a pizza,1/3 of a pizza, 1/4 and 3/4) the learners have began to instinctively use these fractions more in the centre. We will now focus next week on converting these fractions into percentages.

The learners have also worked well on their speaking and listening skills by completing such activities as ‘questions that make you think why’ and ‘create your ideal school’ both leading to key discussions, turn taking and recognising others opinions. The learners have also began another project titled ‘save my dog’ where they are required to use the skills they have learned in skimming, scanning and close reading to present reasons why the two dogs they have chosen out of ten must be saved from a rare virus! As you can imagine this led to a really good lesson!

I’m looking forward to next week!

Steve Ellis – Centre Tutor

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